Daithi qualified in AI

Computer Sceince

October 2023 - Completed Diploma in AI For Business at University College Dublin

Completed a comprehensive AI-focused course with a primary emphasis on the positive impacts and ethical considerations within the Digital Transformation landscape, specifically in business and healthcare. The course covered subjects such as Process Automation, Cognitive Insight, Cost Management, Strategic Implications, Change Management, Machine Learning capabilities, Policy Considerations, Natural Language Processing, Governance, and Regulatory Developments in the EU and US. The course delved into strategic threats, opportunities, scaling business processes, compliance, risk management, and the ethical dimensions of employing AI, particularly in diagnostic medicine and radiography.


University College Dublin, 2018

Mobile Computing & Networking, Masters (M.Sc)

University College Cork, 2009

Computer Science, B.Sc (Honours)

Trinity College Dublin, 2008

Professional Certification in Java Development

City and Guilds, 2005


Artificial Intelligence:

P.U.R.P.L.E. People and Management
Digital Transformation with AI
Cognitive Insight
Process Automation
Machine Learning

Software Development:

Java, C, C++, Swift, Objective-C, Android
PHP, HTML, Web Development


MySQL, Oracle,
SQL Server

Operating Systems:

Rocky Linux/CentOS, Mac OS, Windows


General X-Ray, CT, Pet-CT, MRI
Clinical Placements at Waterford Hospital