Education Overview

I have a varied background in Computer Science, Healthcare, Radio Presenting and AI. I also have a personal interest in construction and aviation having built my own houses from scratch and learning to fly and owning my own aeroplane.

Advanced AI
Advanced AI - (Dip, UCD, 2024)

Explored AI governance, regulations, and leadership strategies in depth during coursework. Studied current regulatory measures and their implications for businesses and society. Delved into decision-making processes, human engagement, and the vital role of trust and transparency in AI systems.

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AI for business
AI for Business - (Dip, UCD, 2023)

Studed a comprehensive exploration of AI tailored specifically for business contexts. Engaged with concepts such as digital transformation, process automation, and cognitive insight technologies, gaining valuable insights into their practical applications.

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Radiography and healthcare
Radiography (UCD, 2019)

Following my mum's accidently cancer discovery I decided to study diagnostic imaging, X-Ray, MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine, Sonography and worked on placement as a student Radiographer at Waterford University Hospital giving me deep insight into healthcare IT.

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Tiler for wall and floor tiling
Wall & Floor Tiling (CMETB, 2023)

Having built three houses I needed to learn tiling order to tile them to the style I like. In the course I also looked at specialist designs and made my own Celtic Goddess design from waste tiles, glass and other materials to make a unique design.

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Insulation of external and internal walls
Insulation (Weber UK, 2022)

Having built a unique design home in West Cork and also having a unique 100 year old cottage I wanted to investigate current insulation technology in order to design and install an effective insulation solution to suit my unique buildings.

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Commercial Pilots Licence
Pilot's Licence, (NZ, 2012)

My dream and personal achievement was to learn to fly and have my own aeroplane. Being a citizen of New Zealand I studied and completed my written exams in Christchurch and following the earthquake moved to Napier and finished my training there.

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Mobile Computing and mobile development masters
Mobile Computing (M.Sc, UCC 2009)

Studied the then emerging field of mobile Computer Science I looked at emerging AI and machine learning, researched location awareness in mobile applications and my thesis looked at tracking systems and their possible benefits to the soceity.

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Computer Science undergraduate degree
Computer Science (B.Sc Trinity College Dublin, 2008)

Undergraduate course in Computer Science. For my Final Year Project I looked at mobile computing in the context of healthcare and linking young people with on-campus mental health services following the death of a young friend to suicide.

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Radio presenting and production
Radio Broadcasting (Learning Waves, 2007)

Having my own popular Sunday night radio show in Dublin for Sunshine 106.8FM the radio station sent me on a series of Learning Waves Radio production courses in order to learn how to present. This gave me unique insight into business presentation.

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Radio presenting, recording and production
Radio Editing (Learning Waves, 2007)

Learned with 98fm staff to record and produce radio content for broadcasting in Ireland. This course involved technologies for mixing and editing radio shows, making advertising reels, organising digital rights, radio scheduling etc...

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Radio presenting, recording and production
Libel & Defamation (Learning Waves, 2008)

Explored broadcasting laws in the UK & Ireland focusing on liability and defamation. Learned about ethical responsibilities and legal constraints in media. Gained a comprehensive understanding of media ethics, ensuring integrity and responsibility in broadcasting and publishing online.

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Java development
Java Programming (City & Guilds, 2005)

Programming in Java for business. Unique City & Guilds course focused on enterprise Java development as well as applications for servers and web solutions. The exam involved a four hour written and compiled application.

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I am actively pursuing roles in AI, digital transformation, software development and healthcare IT. Please feel free to contact me.

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